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      If the state has other provisions, the provisions shall be implemented. The probationary period is included in the term of the employment contract. Those qualified after the probation period shall be formally employed; The unqualified will be cancelled. Registration method: online registration is adopted. The applicant shall send the application form for recruitment of staff in Hospital of Shenyang Institute of Technology (see the attachment) to the designated email box within the specified time. The school combines the specific requirements of the recruitment conditions to conduct a qualification examination of the applicants. The applicant shall provide the id card, academic degree certificate, professional and technical qualification certificate (original and copy), qualifications and other requirements in the recruitment information according to the registration information. The qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment. If the personal conditions do not meet the requirements of the declared post, the applicant's qualification can be cancelled at any time. After the written examination results are announced, the qualification of those who enter the interview will be reviewed. Those who pass the physical examination shall be selected for the inspection, and the inspection shall be conducted in accordance with the Implementation Rules for the Inspection of Publicly recruited Personnel of Public Institutions in Guangdong Province (trial implementation). Applicants entering the investigation stage should provide valid proof of no criminal record, family planning certificate, certificate of academic degree verification and other materials. (1) The applicants shall meet the qualifications for the posts to be announced. The relevant materials provided during the application shall be true and accurate, and shall be consistent with the contents filled in the Application Form for High-level and Short Professional Talents to be Introduced into Public Institutions in Dongguan city. In case of any discrepancy or fraud, once verified, all qualifications and performance will be cancelled, and the signed employment contract will be invalid.  In my opinion, the linkage mechanism should be improved to combine the guidance qualification recognition, admission qualification examination, rewards and punishments of postgraduate tutors with the examination of teachers' ethics. In every link of postgraduate training, we should strengthen the training of academic standards, strengthen the education of professional ethics, and enhance the cultivation of academic ethics. We should optimize the academic evaluation system and adhere to the combination of academic committee evaluation, educational supervision evaluation, postgraduate evaluation and tutor self-evaluation, so as to form a joint force for the construction of academic style and academic ethics. Postgraduate education has a unified strategic frontier, countries around the world and the features of area target can be further convergence revolution, industrial revolution and education of science and technology revolution, so the graduate student is more need to track international academic front, face to face with academic problems, academic field of vision, innovative work in the academic research, is supposed to get more involved in research at the forefront of professional opportunities.  

      5. If there is age requirement in the Job Information Table, follow its requirement; If there is no age requirement, the applicant should be 35 years old or below (born on Or after August 18, 1984).  Within 30 working days after the expiration of the publicity period, if there are no problems or reported problems that do not affect the employment, the employment procedures shall be completed; To refuse to employ those who reflect problems affecting the employment and have evidence to prove them; If the reported problem is difficult to be verified at the moment, the employment may be suspended and the decision on whether to hire the employee shall be made after the investigation is made. Any vacancy that has not been advertised will not be filled. (2) Relevant provisions on withdrawal shall be implemented in recruitment. If the staff engaged in recruitment is related to the applicant by husband and wife, direct blood relationship, collateral blood relationship within three generations or close marriage relationship, or any other relationship that may affect the fairness of recruitment, they shall withdraw. (3) Examination-examination personnel shall strictly abide by the recruitment discipline, faithfully submit relevant documents and materials, and those who practice fraud or violate the rules of the law shall, upon verification, be disqualified for examination or employment, and shall be seriously dealt with in accordance with relevant regulations.    

      The employment Recommendation Form for fresh graduates of full-time full-time institutions of higher learning may be used as proof of the professional research direction if it indicates the professional research direction. Study abroad personnel shall entrust the yantai foreign affairs translation center, respectively, introduced the courses, graduate thesis, professional or to prove that the research direction of information on foreign language translation and affix a seal, as the Chinese citizens among the Hong Kong and Macao residents to apply for, also need to provide the Hong Kong and Macao residents with the mainland pass. If Taiwan residents apply for the job, they should also provide "Taiwan Residents travel Permit to and from the Mainland". For political and engineering purposes, correspondence shall be based on the local postmark. Failure to submit relevant materials or certificates within the specified time shall be deemed as a waiver. After the examination does not have the entry conditions to cancel its examination qualification, qualification examination through the personnel on the spot to get the interview admission ticket, and join the designated WeChat group, the interview, the signing of the relevant notice will be released in the WeChat group.    (6) Examination and physical examination. The candidates to be introduced shall be inspected, and the physical examination shall be uniformly organized. The physical examination standards shall be implemented according to the physical examination standards for newly recruited civil servants. 

        If the applicant meets the requirements in the first examination, the college will notify the applicant to take the examination. The examination adopts the method of written examination and interview, which mainly inspects the candidates' political and ideological quality, professional accomplishment, post basic knowledge and post ability, practical work ability and so on. (2) Those who fail to attend the procedures of registration, written examination, qualification confirmation, interview, physical examination, examination, qualification review and registration as required by the relevant notice within the specified time shall be deemed to have given up the examination and employment qualification automatically. The examination of candidates' qualifications and conditions runs through the whole process of recruitment, and those who do not have corresponding qualifications and conditions of positions or practice fraud shall be disqualified for employment.  

      Within 3 working days, the contents of the personnel to be advertised include: position to be recruited, number of positions to be recruited, major to be recruited, name, gender, date of birth, school of graduation, major to be studied, education background (degree), examination results, ranking and other information. If there is no objection upon the expiration of the publicity period, Jinzhong No. 2 People's Hospital shall be responsible for submitting the proposed employment report to Jinzhong Municipal Health Commission, which shall summarize the report and submit it to Jinzhong Municipal Human Resources and Social Security Bureau for approval. If problems that affect employment are reported and verified, the employee shall not be hired; If it is difficult to verify the problem, we will decide whether to employ the employee after checking. Candidates should register in good faith. Those who give up after entering the physical examination, inspection and subsequent links, and fail to report for duty within the prescribed time with relevant materials without any justifiable reasons after receiving the employment notice, shall be disqualified accordingly and shall be recorded in the good faith archives. In accordance with relevant laws and regulations, the labor (employment) contract signed between the intended employee and the original employer shall be terminated by the employee himself or herself and the original employer according to relevant provisions; otherwise, the employee shall not be employed. Shanxi Province: The Datong Energy Museum of Shanxi Province officially opened on August 10. As a landmark, influential and transformational major project of local transformation, Datong Energy Museum system comprehensively displays the process of energy transformation and energy evolution. It is the main position for Datong to promote comprehensive transformation reform and achieve comprehensive transformation pilot task breakthrough. The Datong Energy Pavilion is the first dc building with the largest scale in China, the largest application demonstration project of "natural air conditioning and tunnel air" in China, and the first passive ultra-low-energy building in Shanxi Province. 5, Fujian: Fujian provincial meteorological department and other relevant departments learned that this year's sixth typhoon "Mikla" has landed in the coastal Zhangpu, Fujian at 7:30 am, 11, the landfall intensity of 12 (33 m/s), the center of the lowest pressure of 980 hpa. (I) Time and place: August 17, 2020. At 8 a.m., the candidates will gather at Jinzijing International Hotel (No. 6 Changhu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning, Guangxi). The physical fitness evaluation will be conducted in groups according to the order of lottery. " And the relevant standards of the Implementation Rules for The Recruitment of People's Police By Public Security Organs physical Fitness assessment. Any item that fails to reach the standard in physical fitness assessment shall be deemed as unqualified in physical fitness assessment. Please bring your own sports clothes and sports shoes on the day of physical fitness assessment. The interview will begin at 9 am on 18 August 2020. Candidates are required to report to the meeting room on the 6th floor of Golden Bauxia International Hotel (no. 6 Changhu Road, Qingxiu District, Nanning city, Guangxi Province) before 8 am for the interview. Candidates who still do not enter the waiting room at 8:30 am of the interview day will be disqualified for the interview.   

           As a first-class public hospital of Traditional Chinese medicine integrating medical treatment, teaching, scientific research, prevention and rehabilitation, It is the designated medical institution of the city for medical treatment, industrial injury, maternity insurance and new rural cooperative medical care. The hospital should check whether it has passed the qualification examination. The qualified personnel shall collect the admission ticket at the specified time. The time and place of collection shall see the notice of qualification examination. Applicants should properly keep the admission ticket. Written test and interview should be used. The physical examination shall be carried out according to the revised General Standards for Physical Examination for Recruitment of Civil Servants (Trial) issued by the Ministry of Personnel and the Ministry of Health and the operating rules. Pay for your own medical examination. Those who pass the physical examination shall enter the inspection procedure.

      On August 11, 1943, the first Quebec Conference (the quarterback Conference) was held. Churchill and Roosevelt hosted the meeting, which was attended by Soong Ziwen, Foreign Minister of the Chinese Nationalist Government, and Mackenzie King, Prime Minister of Canada. At the meeting, the United States and Britain mainly debated the implementation of "Operation Overlord" plan. The Conference approved the Overlord plan and gave it priority, but postponed its implementation to 1 May 1944. The meeting confirmed the importance of opening a second Front in Europe, set a deadline for defeating Japan, and ensured the coordination of allied operations. In mid-August 1945, at the critical moment of the war of Resistance against Japan, Commander-in-chief Zhu DE issued seven orders in succession, ordering the troops in the liberated areas to advance rapidly, confiscate the Japanese puppet forces and carry out a broad counter-offensive across the board. The name "PEOPLE's Liberation Army" was first put forward on August 11 in zhu DE's Counter-offensive Order No. 4. On November 1, 1948, after the Central Military Commission issued the general Decree, all the armed forces were renamed the People's Liberation Army. It is expressly stipulated in the decree that the designations of each regiment and sub-division above must be prefixed with the words "People's Liberation Army".      

      All the above materials shall be provided with electronic version, copy or scanning copy, among which the certificate of academic degree verification shall be provided. If there is no time to provide the certificate at the time of registration, the original of relevant materials shall be submitted at the latest during the qualification review, otherwise the employment qualification shall be cancelled. 1. Applicants should have a bachelor's degree or above, complete certificates (graduation certificate, degree certificate, teacher qualification certificate, Putonghua certificate), and professional counterparts; Graduation class work experience or shenzhen high school examination work experience is preferred. Applicants meeting the above conditions to all kinds of certificates, certificates and copies of the original materials (graduation certificate, degree certificate, teacher qualification certificate, professional title certificate, Putonghua certificate, computer certificate, award certificate) and other materials to the school interview.   National Natural Science Foundation of China (NSFC) Shared Voyage Program Guidance Office of Expert Group work (HEREINAFTER referred to as "LDQUO; Voyage office It is located in Xiamen University and organized by the Earth Science and Technology Department of Xiamen University (LDQUO; Department of Geology Responsible for daily management. The Voyage Office mainly assists the Earth Science Department of the National Natural Science Foundation of China in carrying out activities and other related work that need to be organized during the performance of the duties of the Steering Group. Those who pass the first examination shall be informed of the interview. Please bring copies of degree certificates and relevant materials (such as transcripts and relevant certificates) with you during the interview. Applicants are required to fill in the personal information truthfully, if any false, the interview or recruitment qualification will be cancelled. 

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