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      This year marks the end of the tough fight against poverty. Shenzhen agricultural products group co., LTD., chairman of jian-feng he said that deep farming group active well-documented, innovation has created the nation's first "never ending poverty relief center, shenzhen consumption" as the counterpart support areas and group, more than 60000 customers across the country for links, accelerate the poor area depth into a large bay area of guangdong and shenzhen markets of agricultural products, strive to build long-term support mechanism. At the same time, innovative exhibition and sales, to "Poverty alleviation in Shenzhen? Relying on the online platform, the online exhibition hall and online exhibition and sales will be released simultaneously. Through new media such as Douyin, Taobao and Kuaishou, the sales of poverty alleviation products will be promoted. It is estimated that the annual sales of agricultural products in poor areas will reach 2 billion yuan, effectively helping poverty alleviation through consumption. Public welfare scenic spots refer to those with great social public benefit value, such as the Forbidden City, Jiuzhaigou, etc., whose tourism resources are irreplaceable. Such scenic spots should be free of charge or less, striving to make them equally Shared by all. At the same time, ticket schemes should be tilted in favor of minors and other key educated groups to maximize the effect of social welfare. "According to the horizontal classification of the implementation of classification management, let public scenic areas bid farewell to the 'ticket economy'. For example, urban parks have become the welfare of urban residents. Local fiscal expenditure and local residents' income have formed a virtuous cycle of matching expenditure and income, and the surrounding land has increased in value accordingly, which can bring more benefits to the local area. Urban parks have found an effective model of healthy development and bid farewell to the 'ticket economy'." "Liu Simin said.   Every year since 2017, Shenzhen has launched a "I will wait for you in Shenzhen" promotional video. Huawei, BYD and DJI, three representative companies born every ten years apart, are the beginning of the 2019 version. Shenzhen Special Zone News, August 11, 2020 - The jewelry Happy Shopping activity of the second "Pengcheng Happy Travel shopping in August" series promoting consumption sponsored by Shenzhen Municipal Bureau of Commerce and Luohu District government was launched yesterday. Activity will take advantage of shenzhen jewelry industry agglomeration, led by government plays, association, enterprise investment, around the "quality and purchasing" live "purchase" "brand purchase" "treasure to buy" four themes, carry out 36 games in the whole August jewelry to promote consumer activity, with cross-border cooperation, industry linkage, focus on promotion, to create a variety of gold jewelry consumption, stimulate the consumption demand of high quality. At the same time, promote the "Shenzhen jewelry" brand, improve the initiative of the jewelry industry, add new impetus to the development of the industry.

      On July 8, 2019, the State-owned Enterprises Reform Leading Group of the State Council officially approved the Implementation Plan for Comprehensive Reform of Regional State-owned enterprises in Shenzhen, and proposed that the total assets of state-owned enterprises in Shenzhen should reach 4.5 trillion yuan by 2022, and that Shenzhen should be one or two of the world's top 500 enterprises. More than a year after the plan was released, On August 10, 2020, Fortune Chinese published the fortune global 500 list of 2020, and Shenzhen Investment Holding Company broke into the top 500 for the first time. Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and Municipal government attach great importance to the reform of state-owned enterprises, and continue to promote State-owned enterprises in Shenzhen to explore the way for the national reform, creating a number of national first. For example, we took the lead in exploring the establishment of a system of investors for state-owned assets, and introduced the country's first legislation on local supervision over state-owned assets.       

        On July 11, the China Association of Automobile Manufacturers (CAAM) released the production and sales data of China's automobile market in July. On the whole, China's automobile industry continued the momentum of recovery in the second quarter of this year, and all indicators of production and sales showed year-on-year growth. Among them, the sales volume of commercial vehicles increased nearly 60% year on year, and new energy vehicles achieved positive year-on-year growth for the first time this year. RGL association deputy secretary-general Chen Shihua, said in July 2020, along with our country as a whole to promote COVID - 19 epidemic prevention and control and economic and social development has achieved positive results, economic operation overall recovery continues to improve, especially in promoting consumption policies, market main body to speed up the pace of complex business shutdown, residents go out orderly increase consumption, market dynamics, stepping up market sales continue to improve. Under this background, automobile production and sales continued the recovery momentum since the second quarter, and maintained a good running trend. Jiangsu province recently proposed to open a "green channel", implementing various policies such as tax reduction and exemption, guaranteed loans for enriching the people to start their own businesses and financial subsidies, and selecting 500 excellent entrepreneurship projects for university students at the provincial level. Each project will be subsidized with 100,000 yuan free of charge. Wuxi, A city in Jiangsu province, recently offered a monthly rental subsidy of 10 million yuan for those with a bachelor's degree who are not over 45 years old. Nanjing allocated 1 billion yuan to provide more than 100,000 "job attachment positions" for outstanding talents such as master's and doctoral students.  

      According to a dermatologist from southwest Hospital, more than 10 allergens have been found in cockroaches, which can cause asthma, allergic rhinitis, allergic conjunctivitis, eczema, chronic urticaria and other diseases. For people who are allergic to cockroaches, the best way to prevent this is to eliminate as many cockroaches as possible from their homes and create a cockroach-free living environment. Summer is a high season for allergic diseases. Pollen, mites and dust, common allergens, make many people miserable. This summer,10 years old girl yuan Yuan (pseudonym) every time go out is armed, hat, mask are put on, but still keep sneezing every day, snot constantly, to the hospital for a check, causing rhinitis "killer" actually is not pollen, mites, but the cockroach in the home.      According to the declaration guidelines, eligible shenzhen brand car dealers, second-hand car market operating enterprises, wholesale and retail enterprises and foreign trade export enterprises, etc. Support rewards programs including "cash-for-clunkers" car subsidy program, "used car dealers" rewards program, the "new retail" reward program, "retail enterprises" reward program, "grow small micro enterprise" reward programs, "foreign trade enterprise brand and standard system construction" to support projects, "foreign trade enterprises to domestic market docking" support project, the "cloud" on the net foreign trade enterprises to support project. There are three projects involving the transfer of foreign trade to domestic sales in the support and incentive policy. The investment of foreign trade enterprises in product standard conversion, independent brand construction and logistics system construction shall be subsidized by 50%, and the upper limit of subsidy for a single enterprise shall be 2 million yuan. Grant a subsidy of up to RMB 1 million for each large-scale exhibition and sale of foreign trade products; We will subsidize 50% of the expenses for foreign trade enterprises to open flagship stores and wechat stores on e-commerce platforms, and the upper limit of subsidy for a single enterprise is 1 million yuan.

      According to insiders, there are two core factors that determine the ticket prices of state-owned scenic spots: one is the financial support from the central and local governments for scenic spot resources protection, ecological restoration, capital construction and human cost; the other is the strength of market demand for scenic spot resources and services. The two have mutual checks and balances on the level and trend of ticket price. In addition, the sharing of ticket revenue, collection of business tax and income tax, and profit sharing of enterprises are all the benefits that local governments get from scenic spots, and raising the ticket price is the easiest way for scenic spots to increase revenue. "At present, only scenic spots above 4A level can make real profits in China, and state-owned scenic spots that make profits have experienced one or two rounds of price cuts before. At present, the national financial resources are not enough to support the losses caused by long-term price cuts of scenic spots. The short-term results of ticket price reduction may be relatively prominent, but the price reduction cannot make the cake bigger, but can only temporarily share more cake." Liu Simin said that in the context of price hikes in all walks of life, the development costs, management costs and maintenance costs of the tourism industry are rising, and scenic spot prices are difficult to reduce in accordance with market rules.    It is expected to be cloudy between 6 and 9 o 'clock today, with thundershowers and local rainstorms; The temperature 26-27 ℃; Southerly wind level 3, thunderstorm maximum gust level 7; Relative humidity 85 to 100%. & have spent According to the city meteorological station news, it is expected that today 6-9 o 'clock, the city cloudy day cloudy, thundershower, local rainstorm; The temperature 26-27 ℃; Southerly wind level 3, thunderstorm maximum gust level 7; Relative humidity 85 to 100%. Visibility in most parts of the city 10-20 km, 1-3 km visibility in rain. Compared with 2016 at the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan, by the end of 2019, total assets of deep investment and control have increased by 75%, net assets by 75%, operating income by 366%, total profits by 67%, and taxes paid by 50%, making it one of the world's top 500 enterprises. The reform and development experience of Shenzhen Investment Holding Co., Ltd. won the first prize of "2019 Excellent Reform and Development Achievements of Chinese Enterprises"; Recently, the State-owned enterprise Reform Leading Group of the State Council has published and promoted the company's reform experience in the national state-owned enterprise system in the form of a special issue, contributing the "Shenzhen experience" to the national state-owned enterprise reform. Yu Gang introduced that in recent two years, according to the decision and deployment of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and municipal government, Shenzhen state-owned enterprises focus on supporting the development of private enterprises, service of high-tech industry and other aspects of hard recruit, out of real recruit. Lead to carry out the support the development of the private economy in shenzhen three of the "four billions of" plan, establish operating private enterprises stable development fund 100 billion yuan, complete and advance the guarantee bond issuance of 90.6 billion yuan, efficient operation of micro, small and medium enterprises bank loan risk compensation fund pool, covering 8.5 enterprises, propel the development of the state-owned capital and private capital integration and common prosperity.

      "The large increase is mainly due to the low production and sales base in July after last year's subsidy decline." Xu haidong said, based on the current new energy vehicles to the countryside and the end of the double points pressure, new energy vehicles will maintain a relatively stable growth in the latter months of this year, the domestic new energy vehicle market sales volume is expected to be 1.1 million units this year. Tesla, meanwhile, is expected to sell around 100,000 new energy vehicles out of 1.1 million units sold, he noted. According to the data, from January to July this year, the production and sales of new energy vehicles reached 496,000 and 486,000, down 31.7 percent and 32.8 percent, respectively, from the same period last year, the decline continued to narrow compared to the January to June period. But to meet the 1.1m sales target, 614,000 new energy vehicles will need to be sold over the next five months, or an average of 122,800 vehicles a month.  It was the biggest drop watsons China has ever reported. It is understood that the impact of the COVID-19 outbreak is only part of the story. Watsons' dilemma is more about consumers being less willing to go to Watsons. Once upon a time, The Quchen family was a "trendy" place in the eyes of young people, but now, it has been forgotten by young people. The problems of both commodity structure and service quality are all related to the aging and lack of innovation of Watsons' own stores. Of course, Watsons is also aware of this and has been trying various ways to capture the hearts of young people. It is understood that in recent years, Watsons has not only launched color Lab, "Play beauty concept store" and other new formats of business, but also created virtual idol brand AI (artificial intelligence) spokesperson "Qu Chenxi Wilson", and various IP (intellectual property) co-branded products are emerging one after another. In addition, Watsons also cooperated with Cainiao, Ele. me, Jingdong Home and other companies to expand delivery services. In order to let more consumers directly feel the charm of selenium melon, there was also a live broadcast of melon land following the trend. In the live broadcast, Yang Guoying, senior agronomist of Zhongwei Agricultural Technology Center, explained in detail the planting characteristics of selenium melon. Yang Guoying introduction, selenium sand melon grow in sandstone of bad environment, in the sand and gravel are rich in selenium, zinc, calcium and other trace mineral elements, coupled with a dry, sunny, large temperature difference between day and night, high effective accumulated temperature and the pressure of gravel filling and warming effect, make the selenium sand melon in the process of growth in addition to accumulated a large number of minerals such as sugars, vitamins, amino acids, also from sand to absorb a large number of selenium, zinc, calcium and other trace elements, have improve the body's immune function and the function of a variety of diseases prevention, slow down.  

      "From the historical data, China's car market production and sales reached a relatively high level in July this year." Chen Shihua also reminded the automobile industry, from the development trend of the industry, although this month's production and sales growth momentum is good, but the enterprise terminal inventory growth is obvious, so enterprises should pay attention to the inventory change, to avoid excessive inventory and increase the burden of enterprises. In July, the production and sales of commercial vehicles reached 472,000 units and 447,000 units respectively, down 10.4% and 16.6% month-on-month, and up 70.3% and 59.4% year-on-year, respectively. In terms of models, passenger cars showed a double-digit monthly decline, while truck growth was very rapid, with a year-on-year growth rate of 71.1%. "Happy summer night" is listed in shenzhen's hot search, "Who is the reporter?" Through the creation of hot topics and the release of mysterious tasks, the audience's enthusiasm for participation has been aroused, and the douyin topic has been hit more than 5 million times, and the Weibo topic has been hit more than 10 million times. After online and offline all-media and three-dimensional publicity, the two live broadcasts of "Here we Go" also further promoted the recovery of the scenic spot, especially the passenger flow on weekends. According to the passenger flow data returned by the scenic spot, in the second weekend after the live broadcast, the passenger flow of Pingan Cloud Tourism layer increased by 10% compared with the previous week. On the weekend after the live broadcast, Happy Valley welcomed a huge increase in passenger flow. The matinee increased 200% month-on-month and the night performance increased 180% month-on-month. Xicong, as a newly opened scenic spot, received 19,282 passengers on the first weekend after live broadcasting and 22,515 people on the second weekend, which led to a small increase in passenger flow. Weekend traffic in Hok Tau Kwu Village increased by 10%; Other scenic spots, such as Happy Coast and Window of the World, also saw a slight increase in passenger flow.     

           Address: Room 229, Shenzhen Entrance Examination Office, No. 1068, Nigang West Road, Luohu District, Shenzhen; Zip code: 518000; Receiving unit: College Entrance Examination Department of Shenzhen Entrance Examination Office. Please submit before the deadline and mark "Normative documents for Comments" on the cover


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