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      3. Each candidate can only apply for one post. When the number of recruitment plans and the number of valid applicants fail to reach the ratio of 1:2, the recruitment plan for this position will be cancelled (or reduced). Candidates who have registered for this position can change their applications for other positions within the specified time. If the application is not changed within the prescribed time limit, the application shall be deemed to have been abandoned. Written test contents include pedagogy, educational psychology, educational laws and regulations, teachers' professional ethics construction, etc. The written test is all objective questions, and the candidates use 2B pencils to complete the answers on the answer sheet, with a maximum score of 100. After the written test results are announced, on-site qualification checks will be conducted for those who enter the interview area. Mainly examine the application registration form, id card, education and degree certificate, corresponding teacher qualification certificate and the qualification and other requirements in the recruitment information. If there is an employer, the applicant shall provide the employer and the competent authority for approval. The qualification examination time and related matters will be announced through the shenyang talent network and the WeChat public account of huishenghua. Those who fail to accept the qualification examination within the specified time will be deemed as giving up automatically.   The school unswervingly walks the characteristic school-running road, the talent training quality gradually enhances; Taking the initiative to serve the basic education and local economic and social development of Guangdong Province, He undertakes the training tasks of basic education teachers and school (garden) leaders, and co-builds affiliated schools and education experimental areas with local governments. He has achieved outstanding results and enjoys a high reputation in the society. Personal resume, works, scientific research project certificate, award certificate, professional and technical qualification certificate, second generation resident IDENTITY card (both sides scanned on the same page), household registration book (the first page and the personal page scanned on the same page) and other materials. After the end of the trial, to enter the interview stage of personnel qualification review, qualification review can enter the next stage of the examination. The name list of those who pass the qualification review will be announced on the website of the Personnel Department of Guangdong Second Normal University. If there is no objection to the announcement, enter the interview procedure. In case of a vacancy caused by failure to pass the qualification review, the quota may be filled in the same amount according to the trial performance from high to low.  

         According to the number of selected positions and written test results (including bonus points), from high score to low score, the same amount to determine the candidates for the selected positions. If the last candidate has the same written test results (including bonus points), he will be determined as the candidate for the test. The investigation work shall be organized and implemented by the selected and transferred units and their competent departments under the guidance of the district Human Resources and Social Security Bureau. During the inspection, according to the requirements of selected posts, the subjects' morality, ability, diligence, performance and honesty will be comprehensively inspected, with the focus on the political quality and working ability. During the investigation, it is necessary to understand the actual performance of the work and the recognition degree of the masses, and to verify the qualification conditions, relevant information and materials of the objects of investigation, as well as whether there is any withdrawal from the examination. The unit that inspects an object to want to cooperate actively, reflect actual situation objectively truly. Score and above for pass, according to the comprehensive result from high to low order to determine the physical examination candidate. Those who fail in the interview will not be given a comprehensive score and will not be admitted to the physical examination. If the comprehensive score is the same, the one with the highest written score will be the first. If the written test results are still the same, the higher score of comprehensive Basic Knowledge will be the priority. If the test results are still the same, the candidates will be admitted to the physical examination at the same time and will be admitted according to the physical examination and investigation. Of the public. The public announcement includes the name, gender, employer or graduate school of the person to be hired, as well as the release of the phone number for public supervision. After the expiration of the publicity period, if there is no problem or the problem does not affect the employment, the employment procedures shall be handled according to the regulations. To refuse to employ those who reflect problems affecting the employment and have evidence to prove them; If it is difficult to verify the reported problems for the time being, the employment will be suspended and the decision on whether to hire will be made after the investigation.The relevant provisions of physical examination items and standards, such as "Operation Manual for Civil Servant Recruitment Physical Examination (Trial)" (Issued by the Ministry of Human Resources and Social Security [2016] No. 140), shall be implemented. The medical examination fee shall be borne by the applicants. Those who fail to take the physical examination within the prescribed time will be deemed to have forfeited their recruitment qualification automatically. Those who fail in the initial physical examination may apply to the leading group of examination and recruitment for a reexamination within 3 days from the date of receiving the physical examination results. The reexamination results shall prevail. 2. Inspection. It mainly investigates and understands the candidates' ideological and political performance, moral quality, work performance in the service unit, compliance with discipline and law, personnel files, qualifications required for the proposed post and whether it is necessary to implement the principle of avoidance.

      Conduct qualification examination according to the registration materials and determine the personnel to participate in the examination. And in the examination link carries on the qualification review to the applicant. The qualification examination runs through the whole process of recruitment, and those who are found in the recruitment process to be falsified, do not meet the requirements for registration and other violations of recruitment regulations will be disqualified at any time. The recruitment will be conducted by means of assessment and recruitment. The leading group of examination and recruitment shall dispatch the examination group to carry out a comprehensive examination on the ideological and political performance, moral quality, professional ability, work performance and other aspects of qualified candidates. The assessment implements quantitative scoring, full score is 100 points, and the qualified score line is set as 60 points. The final assessment score must be passed by more than two-thirds of the members of the assessment team.   (3). The persons who have passed the medical examination shall be inspected by way of political examination. The content of political examination is mainly to investigate the candidates' ideological and political performance, moral quality, study and work performance, family planning, law abiding and so on, and to verify the personnel archives, comprehensively investigate whether the candidates meet the qualifications for entry, the registration information and relevant materials are true, accurate and so on. The inspection time will be announced later. The personnel to be hired shall be determined according to the physical examination, investigation, graduation certificate, degree certificate and relevant qualification certificates required, and the list of the personnel to be hired shall be published on the website of the People's Government of Ding 'an County for 7 days. Those who have objections to the publicizing personnel can report to the relevant supervisory departments within the public period, and the delay will not be accepted.   

      , their position conditions are & LDquo; Enterprise management; (Financial management), then major in marketing, human resource management direction is not eligible. In addition to the professional directory has listed the training direction of the professional, the professional name on other graduation certificate in the form of parenthesis listed on the training direction can not serve as the basis for entering a major. Implement avoidance required, any relationship with the institution leading personnel, lineal blood relationship, collateral relative by blood within three generations, artificial blood relatives or closely related by marriage to apply for personnel, may not apply for the unit's secretary, hr, finance, discipline inspection jobs, as well as the leading personnel have a direct relationship between the leadership of the supervisor position.   (1) Publicity. In accordance with the "social youth", "retired soldier", "college graduates" three categories to select the object's overall physical fitness test, interview and direct hiring, priority rules, respectively, ranking, comprehensive physical examination, political inspection, post adaptability test, classified by the number of not exceeding 120% of the enroll plan to recruit personnel list for collection, notify the enroll platform circular column of the public to the society, the public time is 7 working days. Before the announcement, the personnel to be recruited shall sign a letter of commitment to join the team and refuse to commit to cancel the qualification of recruitment. Directly employed, priority rules: 1. Take part in the national ordinary institutions of higher learning (including units) of graduate education enrollment examination and full-time university bachelor degree or above and the corresponding degree of graduates, and won the individual class and above reward retired soldiers, won the second class national comprehensive fire rescue teams and above reward exit firefighters, enroll inspection qualified directly employed, priorities for academic degree, be badly in need of professional directory (see annex 4), won the individual class and reward, within the planning index based on ranking from high to low in turn hired (the same below). Individual third-class merit awards and above shall be the meritorious service award projects organized and implemented in accordance with the PLA Discipline Regulations or the relevant award regulations of the emergency management system. 2. Full-time college graduates in urgent need of major are preferred. 3. For party members, awarded "Merit Student", "Excellent League Member" and other commendations, special professional talents with relaxed age requirement for registration will be given priority in employment under the same conditions. 4. "Ex-soldier" candidates whose recruitment is insufficient can be supplemented from the other two types of candidates according to their total scores. "Ex-soldier" does not supplement the other two types of candidates.  

      To meet the needs of the city's educational work, with the consent of the municipal government, decided to face the society for the city's direct school examination recruitment system of 40 teachers. In accordance with the interim provisions on the institution open recruitment personnel (6th order) of the People's Republic of China ministry of personnel, the agency and staffing committee of the CPC henan provincial party committee of the CPC henan provincial party committee organization department's office of human resources and social security hall of henan province about for the provincial institution open recruitment college graduates work related issues notice "(yu SheBan [2020] no. 33)," about for the provincial institution open recruitment college graduates work related issues notice "(people club department is sent [2020] no. 24) and the relevant provisions of the provincial, municipal institution open recruitment, formulated the following examination enroll work plan:  Each employing unit sends two or more personnel to form an investigation team to conduct a comprehensive investigation on the morality, ability, diligence, performance, honesty, political and professional quality of the object of investigation and the suitability of the selected position. At the same time, the qualification review shall be conducted to verify whether the applicants meet the requirements of the registration qualification, and confirm whether the information they submit during the registration is true, accurate and complete, and whether it is consistent with their real experience and background. Prominent political standard, deeply understand its political loyalty, political concentration, bear, political power and political discipline, morality and study focus on work performance, strengthen the professional inspection, strengthen inspection style and honest, resolutely put an end to unqualified political quality, moral character is not correct, honesty and integrity "-companies personnel into the straight authority. Investigation group should check cadre (personnel) archives seriously, verify civil servant or refer to civil servant law management personnel registration form and other circumstances that need to be verified, write investigation report truthfully. The organization where the object of investigation is located should actively support and cooperate with the investigation group to objectively and truly reflect the actual situation of the object of investigation. If there is a vacancy of candidates after the inspection (including the inspection), it will not be filled again.   

         Candidates with confirmed COVID-19 cases; Candidates diagnosed with asymptomatic COVID-19 infection; (3) Candidates under quarantine medical observation and treatment, centralized quarantine observation period; Candidates identified as close contacts of COVID-19; On the day of the examination (2) fill in the contact address and telephone number must be true, during the application period must keep the contact phone open. If the applicant fails to receive the notice of recruitment on time due to the unblocked contact phone number and thus delays his/her participation in the interview, physical examination and other links, the applicant shall be responsible for the consequences. B) A sense of security in a cave. C) a sense of security in a narrow space. It is a foregone conclusion that the world economic order will undergo major changes. The following text mainly emphasizes the reasons for the foregone conclusion. Therefore, a transitional sentence should be filled in the line. In fact, the crisis did not come by accident. It was A foregone conclusion that the world economic order would change dramatically. (3) during the period from the registration to the public announcement of the personnel to be hired, the applicant shall ensure that the communication tools he/she filled in during the registration are unblocked, and timely pay attention to the announcement information of shenyang talent network and huishenghua WeChat public number. Failure to participate in any link of the recruitment work due to the candidate's personal reasons shall be deemed as giving up the application qualification.

      In order to strengthen the leadership of the recruitment of teachers and ensure that the recruitment work is carried out in a standardized and orderly manner, a leading group for the recruitment of teachers has been established in Botou Vocational Education Center to be responsible for the organization and management of the recruitment work, and to take overall responsibility for the openness, fairness, impartiality, safety and confidentiality of the recruitment work. The leading group has an office under it (located in the Human Resources and Social Security Bureau), which is responsible for the coordination and guidance of the public recruitment. The examination process is led by the Education and Physical Education Bureau.    "Lifting a cap off poverty is not the end, but the beginning of a new life and a new struggle." General Secretary Xi Jinping's important speech at the symposium on the Decisive Battle against Poverty held on March 6, 2020 was forceful and resonated strongly with officials and the masses. Drum and hammer sound, inspiring, inspiring. Taking g the hat off poverty is not the end of poverty alleviation, but a brand new starting point. It not only sets higher requirements for future grassroots work, but also shows that the Party's primary goal of seeking happiness for the people remains unchanged. Taking off the hat is not the end of poverty alleviation, but a brand new starting point. It not only puts forward higher requirements for future grassroots work, but also shows that the Party's original intention of seeking happiness for the people has not changed. Applicants who have fever, cough, sore throat, dyspnea, vomiting, diarrhea and other symptoms within the examination day should seek medical treatment in time according to regulations, and the examination day should produce the certificate of seeking medical treatment from the municipal level-II or above hospital. Confirmed, suspected or asymptomatic infected persons who are still in isolation for treatment, close contacts who have not completed their isolation period, and persons who have not been discharged from isolation from or through a high-risk domestic epidemic and have a history of international (border) travel are not allowed to take the examination. Arrive at the test site in minutes, leave enough time to cooperate with the staff of the test site for admission verification. When entering the test center, applicants must accept the epidemic prevention safety inspection and guidance, with their valid id card original, paper admission ticket, paper "Letter of Commitment" (complete), Shanghai & LDQUO; Along with the "code & throughout; Green code (updated today), & LDQuo; Communication big data travel card. Green code (updated on the same day), after temperature check

         Pay "five social insurance and one housing fund" (endowment insurance, basic medical insurance and maternity insurance, work-related injury insurance, unemployment insurance and housing accumulation fund) for employees according to "labor contract law". The part that individual should bear, pay by individual. (1) Candidates who have activities outside China or in non-low-risk areas before the test shall be dealt with in accordance with relevant regulations of Shenyang for epidemic prevention and control. Please refer to the Instructions for Epidemic Prevention and Control for Candidates (Annex 4) for details. (2) The exam does not specify the exam counseling books, nor does it hold or entrust any organization to hold exam counseling training classes. At present the society appears any remedial class, the counselling website or the publication that issues, get on the net card to wait, all have nothing to do with this examination, asks the general register personnel to be vigilant, do not be deceived. "The coffee isn't really worth it in terms of taste. It's the cost of grooming, and few people come here for a drink." After spending at a dog cafe in the central district of the provincial capital, some customers gave such comments. Many customers gave similar comments on the taste of the pet-themed drinks.


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