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      "After 80" Lao wu is a travel enthusiast, affected by outbreaks have not been out of town I rectified, watching the live she said excitedly, "tourism live is a kind of very good experience, after all, is limited by the objective reasons, not everyone can say go you go, to screen the zongzi, by the famous host of radio, film and television with in each scenic spots to see, open field of vision, also in my heart silently" grass ", decided to also go to the seaside next weekend, go to the park on a trip, a bug." "After 90" XiaoCai, work in the visual arts in shenzhen, she analyzes the live, with professional eye "live every link between main venue and the venue, the switch is very smooth, like there is a clear line of real tourism, and transformation to each venue of attractions, broadcast related images is introduced at the start, the audience can clearly know the detailed information of scenic spots, also join the host at the ground in live, let the audience have the sense more, inspired to the enthusiasm of the field play." In order to let more consumers directly feel the charm of selenium melon, there was also a live broadcast of melon land following the trend. In the live broadcast, Yang Guoying, senior agronomist of Zhongwei Agricultural Technology Center, explained in detail the planting characteristics of selenium melon. Yang Guoying introduction, selenium sand melon grow in sandstone of bad environment, in the sand and gravel are rich in selenium, zinc, calcium and other trace mineral elements, coupled with a dry, sunny, large temperature difference between day and night, high effective accumulated temperature and the pressure of gravel filling and warming effect, make the selenium sand melon in the process of growth in addition to accumulated a large number of minerals such as sugars, vitamins, amino acids, also from sand to absorb a large number of selenium, zinc, calcium and other trace elements, have improve the body's immune function and the function of a variety of diseases prevention, slow down. For loving care for veterans, help the faltering, visual degradation they restore clear view, on August 11, shenzhen JunXiu service management center, shenzhen YongJunYouShu foundation, shenzhen huaxia eye hospital, shenzhen JunXiu service management center JunXiu two jointly held by "the health care for retired veteran cadres, happiness attended - eye" public welfare activities. For loving care for veterans, help the faltering, visual degradation they restore clear view, on August 11, shenzhen JunXiu service management center, shenzhen YongJunYouShu foundation, shenzhen huaxia eye hospital, shenzhen JunXiu service management center JunXiu two jointly held by "the health care for retired veteran cadres, happiness attended - eye" public welfare activities. At the same time, Shenzhen Huaxia Guangming Foundation and Welfare Lottery Fund provide surgical assistance for ex-servicemen with eye diseases and their immediate families, strengthen the "sense of arrival" of the policy of supporting the army, and enhance the "happiness" of ex-servicemen, hoping to finally translate into the "sense of security" of the whole country and society.  The project supporting the transfer of foreign trade to domestic sales shall have certain requirements for the objects of reward; In the support project of "Connecting foreign trade enterprises with domestic market", the special exhibition of foreign trade products shall be held by enterprises, institutions or other social organizations with independent legal personality, and no less than 50 foreign trade export enterprises will participate in the exhibition. Declare "foreign trade enterprise brand and standard system construction" support foreign trade export enterprise of the project, shall obtain export has the qualification, and has established or will establish enterprise independent brands, preliminary construction of domestic marketing channel and logistics system in the domestic market, at the same time in the same production line in accordance with the standards of the same products export and domestic sales, sale in domestic market and export products with quality, reach the standard access to foreign markets. The foreign trade export enterprises that apply for the support project of "foreign trade enterprises touch the cloud on the Internet" realize sales of more than 5 million yuan (including 5 million yuan) through e-commerce platforms and Internet platforms.

      We will strengthen policy publicity and guidance. In carrying out their work, local governments should pay attention to policy publicity and interpretation, constantly innovate publicity methods, increase publicity efforts, make good use of new media and new means such as WeChat and weibo, do a good job in guiding public opinion during important nodes such as holidays, actively respond to social concerns, and create a good public opinion environment. In particular, in the context of the normal epidemic prevention and control, local governments should provide overall guidance for epidemic prevention and control and orderly opening of scenic spots, establish and improve reservation systems, and guide tourists to enter the parks at intervals and travel at different peaks. Evaluation should be done before the implementation of temporary preferential policies to prevent passenger flow exceeding the limit. All regions should have real-time and dynamic information about the investigation and evaluation results of ticket supervision and examination in scenic spots within their jurisdiction, the reduction of supporting services, ticket reduction policies and other relevant information, update and review the information, and report timely. Carefully summarize the achievements and existing problems of the past three years' work, and form written materials, and submit them to the National Development and Reform Commission (Price Division) in early December. "In foreign countries, many scenic spots are tourist-free, which is a trend. Due to different national conditions and different scenic spots, China still has a long way to go before it says goodbye to the 'ticket economy'. The current wave of price cuts cannot really say goodbye to the 'ticket economy'." Qi Xiaobo said. In Qi Xiaobo's view, free admission behind, in fact, is a market survival of the ill. To restart the tourism market, in addition to reducing tickets, the scenic spots should innovate products according to market demand, enhance attraction and improve service quality, so as to attract more tourists to enter the scenic spots for second consumption and form a new profit model. Local governments may give appropriate ticket subsidies, strengthen marketing promotion, tax reduction and so on. "Only in this way can the scenic spot transform and upgrade from sightseeing tourism consumption to comprehensive tourism consumption, and realize qualitative leap and development."   

      Compared with 2016 at the beginning of the 13th Five-Year Plan, by the end of 2019, total assets of deep investment and control have increased by 75%, net assets by 75%, operating income by 366%, total profits by 67%, and taxes paid by 50%, making it one of the world's top 500 enterprises. The reform and development experience of Shenzhen Investment Holding Co., Ltd. won the first prize of "2019 Excellent Reform and Development Achievements of Chinese Enterprises"; Recently, the State-owned enterprise Reform Leading Group of the State Council has published and promoted the company's reform experience in the national state-owned enterprise system in the form of a special issue, contributing the "Shenzhen experience" to the national state-owned enterprise reform. Yu Gang introduced that in recent two years, according to the decision and deployment of Shenzhen Municipal Party Committee and municipal government, Shenzhen state-owned enterprises focus on supporting the development of private enterprises, service of high-tech industry and other aspects of hard recruit, out of real recruit. Lead to carry out the support the development of the private economy in shenzhen three of the "four billions of" plan, establish operating private enterprises stable development fund 100 billion yuan, complete and advance the guarantee bond issuance of 90.6 billion yuan, efficient operation of micro, small and medium enterprises bank loan risk compensation fund pool, covering 8.5 enterprises, propel the development of the state-owned capital and private capital integration and common prosperity.  This year marks the 75th anniversary of the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression and the World Anti-Fascist War. Xi general secretary pointed out that in the process of the Chinese people's Anti-Japanese War grand, formed the great spirit of the Chinese people had shown the world the world is the rise and fall, fortunes of patriotism, death to surrender, national integrity, intrepidity, heroic the bloody battle in the end, indomitable, tenacious spirit of triumphalism. The great spirit of Anti-Japanese War is a precious spiritual treasure of the Chinese people, and will always be a powerful spiritual force that inspires the Chinese people to overcome all difficulties and obstacles and make unremitting efforts to realize the great rejuvenation of the Chinese nation. The great national spirit with patriotism at its core is the decisive factor for the victory of the Chinese People's War of Resistance against Japanese Aggression. A country is not strong without a strong spirit. Spirit is the soul on which a nation lives for a long time. Only by reaching a certain spiritual height can this nation stand firm and forge ahead amidst the currents of history. Through the ages, any nation that has done something is famous for its unique spirit. Patriotism is the core of the Spirit of the Chinese nation, rooted in the heart of the Chinese nation, is the spiritual gene of the Chinese nation, maintaining the unity and unity of all ethnic groups on the land of China, and inspiring generation after generation of Chinese sons and daughters to struggle for the prosperity and development of the Chinese nation.   

      The daughter Yuan Yuan of Li Tian is 10 years old this year, begin from this year In March, yuan Yuan often does not have reason to stop sneezing, nasal obstruction, tear, oneself have the Li Tian of allergic rhinitis to see the symptom of the daughter, think the daughter should be to appear allergy symptom. At that time, it was a critical period for coVID-19 prevention and control. Li Tian did not take her daughter to the hospital to see a doctor. Based on her experience, she thought that her daughter might be allergic to pollen or mites. However, her daughter's rhinitis continued to ebb and flow. According to insiders, there are two core factors that determine the ticket prices of state-owned scenic spots: one is the financial support from the central and local governments for scenic spot resources protection, ecological restoration, capital construction and human cost; the other is the strength of market demand for scenic spot resources and services. The two have mutual checks and balances on the level and trend of ticket price. In addition, the sharing of ticket revenue, collection of business tax and income tax, and profit sharing of enterprises are all the benefits that local governments get from scenic spots, and raising the ticket price is the easiest way for scenic spots to increase revenue. "At present, only scenic spots above 4A level can make real profits in China, and state-owned scenic spots that make profits have experienced one or two rounds of price cuts before. At present, the national financial resources are not enough to support the losses caused by long-term price cuts of scenic spots. The short-term results of ticket price reduction may be relatively prominent, but the price reduction cannot make the cake bigger, but can only temporarily share more cake." Liu Simin said that in the context of price hikes in all walks of life, the development costs, management costs and maintenance costs of the tourism industry are rising, and scenic spot prices are difficult to reduce in accordance with market rules. "Everyone wants to live in the same neighborhood. Fortunately, the nursing home and neighborhood point are not far away from home now. You can also call nursing assistants to provide door-to-door service. Chen said.   

      Before the lecture, Professor Cheng Hongbo, chief expert of Shenzhen Huasha Eye Hospital, made a welcome speech. Retired soldiers are precious treasures of the country, and although they have retired or retired, they are still playing a role, said Cheng, who detailed the experts, equipment and services of The Huasha Eye Hospital in Shenzhen. Professor Cheng said that Shenzhen Huaxia Eye Hospital has an excellent team of experts, advanced equipment and considerate services to ensure that every patient with eye diseases can feel the high-quality medical services of Huaxia eye Hospital. Then, Shenzhen Huasha eye hospital cataract Department Xing Baogang director for the elderly people introduced in detail the common eye diseases. Director Xing gave a lecture on ocular anatomy, the harm of cataract and its treatment, and the harm of glaucoma. Xing Baogang director said, cataract is caused by a variety of reasons such as aging, genetic, local nutritional disorders, immune and metabolic abnormalities, trauma, poisoning, radiation and other lens metabolism disorders, resulting in lens protein denaturation and opacity, cataract can only be treated by surgical methods at present.  Minister of Human Resources and Social Security Zhang Jiannan pointed out in an interview with the media that in response to the impact of the epidemic, employment policies have been strengthened this year, mainly in five aspects: stabilizing jobs, expanding channels, improving skills, promoting matching, and seeking the bottom of the line. Many of these policies are unprecedented in strength. He also pointed out that the task of ensuring employment is still arduous and there are still many uncertainties. Especially as college graduates enter the market in July and August, the employment of key groups will face new pressure. A press conference of the binzhou Talent Festival 2020 is held in Binzhou, East China's Shandong Province, Aug. 10, 2020. It is reported that Binzhou city has launched the "2020 new Talent policy", which will introduce at least 100 high-end experts, 1,000 master's and doctoral students and 10,000 college students every year. The monthly living allowance for doctoral, master's and undergraduate students in "double first-class" universities will be increased by 50%, to 7,500 yuan, 3,000 yuan and 1,500 yuan respectively, and temporarily granted for three consecutive years. Focusing on the problem of talent housing, we are planning to build 10,000 talent apartments, which are free for the first year of master's degree or doctor's degree or undergraduate degree, and are provided in the form of "spot", which can be moved in this year.  

       Since the outbreak of the epidemic this year, chefs have tried and enriched the single meal package, "single meal is not wasted, the appropriate size, high cost performance, once launched in the market, is welcomed by everyone". "There were a lot of people in our shop in the morning, such as steamed bread, steamed bread and porridge." The owner of the store, which has been open for more than 20 years, says business has been good and there are still people who drive all the way to clock in. According to the boss, most of the customers who come to the restaurant will "disc action", and few of them will leave 2 yuan for a shao mai, or choose to pack it if they can't finish it. "After all, they buy it with money, and shao mai is quite expensive, so it is not wasteful." Another woman, Surnamed Wang, said she could not bear to waste food. "Our generation has suffered a lot. I've been through food shortages, so I can't stand to waste." For Wang Auntie and their, although the conditions are better now, but save food has become a habit.    

      To become a "pilot demonstration area" in the national strategy, Shenzhen has a heavier task and a higher standard. Fan Gang, vice President of the China Society of Economic Reform, said the pilot demonstration zones are an upgraded version of the special economic zones. The central requirement for shenzhen has always been a consistent, is from the global planning a domain, to a domain services globally, around the emphasis and difficulty in need breakthrough continue to try first, form more replicable, experience and system, which can be promoted to "a breakthrough", finding "is living" drive "energizes" by "the lead". In 2016, Shenzhen's GDP was 1.95 trillion yuan; In 2017, Shenzhen's GDP was 2.24 trillion yuan; In 2019, Shenzhen's GDP was 2.69 trillion yuan. Since entering the "trillion Yuan City Club" in 2011, Shenzhen has not only doubled its economic aggregate, but also maintained a steady and progressive growth rate. Shenzhen's high-tech industry has kept pace with ITS GDP growth. In 2010, the output value of Shenzhen's high-tech industry exceeded one trillion yuan, reaching 1017.6 billion yuan. If you go from 1 trillion to 2 trillion, it's 7 years. In 2017, the output value of Shenzhen's high-tech industries reached 2,137.878 billion yuan, compared with 2,627.798 billion yuan in 2019. On August 10, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released data showing that the market supply and demand improved further in July. Although the year-on-year CPI increase in July increased slightly due to the impact of the weather on logistics in some regions, the overall price was stable and the market operation was generally orderly. On August 10, the National Bureau of Statistics (NBS) released data showing that the market supply and demand improved further in July. Although the year-on-year CPI increase in July increased slightly due to the impact of the weather on logistics in some regions, the overall price was stable and the market operation was generally orderly. On a year-on-year basis, the CPI rose 2.7 percent in July, up 0.2 percentage points from the previous month. Among them, food prices rose 13.2 percent, an increase of 2.1 percentage points, affecting about 2.68 percentage points of CPI inflation. On a month-on-month basis, CPI rose 0.6 per cent from 0.1 per cent the previous month.    Pingshan District and Shenzhen Middle School jointly hold The Shenzhen Middle School Pingshan Innovation School, which will inject new impetus into the economic and social development of Pingshan District and provide new support for pingshan District to build the education highland in the east of Shenzhen. It is hoped that with the joint efforts of Pingshan District and Shenzhen Middle School, Pingshan Innovation School of Shenzhen Middle School will be built into a first-class school of basic education in the east of Shenzhen and even in the whole city, actively exploring more educational reform experience and practical achievements, and making positive contributions to the development of basic education in the whole city. Zhu said that in the 73 years of development, Shenzhen Middle School has made a lot of exploration and practice in teaching staff, curriculum reform, science and technology education, campus environment and other aspects, and has made certain achievements. As one of shenzhen's existing high-quality educational resources, Shenzhen Middle School is willing to share resources with Pingshan District, feed back the society, run Pingshan Innovative School of Shenzhen Middle School well, give full play to the role of Shenzhen Middle school, make contributions to pingshan's educational development and talent introduction, and make contributions to Shenzhen education demonstration.

      Continue to promote scenic spot ticket price reduction. Continue on the basis of preliminary work, efforts to develop key state-owned scenic spot tickets cost whose or investigation and evaluation to adjust price, comprehensive consideration of regional economic development level and the scenic area scale level difference, distinguish between the different modes of operation and management of scenic spots, innovative management style price, classification ShiCe state scenic spot ticket prices return to reasonable interval, reduce the high ticket prices, the implementation of information disclosure. The reduction of scenic spot ticket prices this year should take into account the impact of THE COVID-19 epidemic, take local conditions into consideration, and adhere to the combination of near and far. It should not only promote the development of tourism, but also ensure the normal operation of scenic spots. Constantly improve the ticket price formation mechanism. In 2020, on previous price does not reach the designated position and 3 a grade and below state scenic spot as the key point, in principle, implement all the government pricing management within their respective jurisdictions scenic spot tickets cost whose or adjust the whole survey, price assessment, and according to the "guidance" requirement, establish and improve the regular evaluation adjustment mechanism, ready for a new work.   Seeing this hot search, many netizens said that this kind of disciplinary measures really keep pace with The Times, "Hahaha, Geili!" ", "good judgment", "looking forward to a more civilized network environment" and so on the refresh trend. From the reactions of netizens, it is not difficult to see that many people have been suffering from the "anger" and "negative energy" in their friends circle for a long time. You see that? The circle of friends is not outside the law, nor can you be capricious. If you are insulted, slandered or attacked, you don't have to swallow your pride. We have the support of the law. Contemporary people also need to reflect, with the popularity of various social networking software, everyone has more channels to express their opinions. But while enjoying this convenience, do not use "freedom of speech" to make up your irrational and immoral behaviors, and do not use the thinking of "my place and I am the master" to vent curmudgeonly and negative energy everywhere. Otherwise, once the infringement of other people's rights and interests, touch the bottom line of the law, will suffer the consequences, hate the world no "regret medicine" to buy.  

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