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       There is no way to bring society to a standstill or stop somewhere, but there is certainly a way to bridge the digital divide for an increasing number of older people who can also enjoy the benefits of the Internet. So how can the elderly be better integrated into intelligent life? This requires the concerted efforts of the whole society. For example, libraries and communities have opened smart phone use classes for the elderly, many public welfare organizations are dedicated to helping the elderly master and use the Internet technologies or products that are currently essential, and many places have launched printed health codes to solve the travel problems of the elderly, etc. These are all positive and beneficial explorations in the process of refined social management. On May 20, 2019, General Secretary Xi Jinping visited Yudu County to investigate poverty alleviation and rural revitalization in the old revolutionary base areas. In Zishan Selenium-rich vegetable Industrial Park, the General secretary listened to the staff of the park to introduce the development of the local vegetable industry, and also picked up the vegetables on the table to have a close look. In Tantou, where many farmers have recently planted chilies and loofah gourds, Ms. Xiao makes several trips a day to their greenhouses to see how the vegetables are growing. & other; We cultivated the seedlings and distributed them free of charge to farmers in the farming cooperative in the village. The vegetables grown by farmers may be purchased by cooperatives at guaranteed bottom prices or sold by themselves. Throughout the &; In recent years, Tantou village has successively built a number of characteristic industrial bases, such as a se-enriched grape base, a passion fruit base, a se-enriched rice base, and a vegetable base of 10,000 mu (south District). At present, Tantou village has realized the whole village out of poverty. Of course, people should praise the eldest brother who scooped fruit. The video, which has gone viral on the Internet, shows the man fishing for fruit in a surprisingly skilled, steady, accurate and ruthless manner. There are net friend praise: still good Samaritan much, eldest brother this scoop up the technology of apple really fierce! The man in the video is skilled and good-hearted! No amount of praise can be too much, for his deeds are good; Because he used his post skills to help others; Because his behavior is a timely and urgent help. When the heart is good, it is praised by all. Such behavior adds a bright color to our society. Such an Internet, red good, red warm, red fire our social order of happiness. Expect this kind of popularity, praise this kind of popularity, and the more the better. If others are in trouble and I come to help them, it should be our social background and human nature. Such a "conscience" can never be lost.  

      Enterprises are responsible for providing high-quality seeds and seedlings, pesticides and fertilizers and technical guidance. Cooperatives act as a link to connect enterprises and organize farmers' production, and cadres in villages coordinate to solve problems at any time. The government, enterprises and village cadres help together, farmers feel at ease farming, income is more secure. In November 2019, 35 farmers in Tantou village took possession of a 400-mu vegetable shed from JinRuisheng company and planted towel gourds, peppers, eggplants, beans and other vegetables. & other; Now a lot of villagers come to me and ask if I can rent a greenhouse and how. The support policy is so good, the enthusiasm of the villagers is so high! Throughout the &; Xiao Guihua said.    & other; On that day, The General Secretary came to the Se-rich vegetable Industrial Park, and I introduced to the General Secretary. Leading enterprises + cooperatives + farmers and poor households & Rsquo; The development model will drive the villagers out of poverty. The General Secretary was pleased to hear that. Throughout the &; Shi Changguo, then director of Zishan Selenium-rich Vegetable Industrial Park, recalls his emotional experience. Holding the hands of fellow villagers, the general secretary said that the CPC's original intention was to seek happiness for the people and rejuvenation for the nation, and that the CPC Central Committee wanted to do everything possible to ensure that the people could lead a good life. Sesame blossom high, the days will be better in the future. At the words of the general secretary, the villagers clapped vigorously and many were moved to tears. Throughout the &;

         The provincial people's Congress standing Committee director study meeting was held in Hangzhou on November 11. Che Jun, secretary of the Provincial Party Committee and director of the Standing Committee of the Provincial People's Congress, stressed at the meeting that we should truly learn and apply Xi Jinping Thought on Socialism with Chinese Characteristics for a New Era, actively learn and apply the dialectical relationship, dialectical thinking and dialectical method contained in the thought, promote the NPC's performance of its duties at a high quality and high level, and strive to write a new chapter in the work of the Zhejiang People's Congress in the new era. CheJun in his speech, fully affirmed the provincial people's congress (NPC), and points out that the provincial party committee 14th seven plenary session clearly put forward to build learning, publicity and implementation of xi an important field of the new era of socialism with Chinese characteristics, this study is the provincial people's congress at all levels to participate in the important position of the construction of the concrete action, through learning, jian wu xi new age the ideas of socialism with Chinese characteristics, better armed with party's innovation theory of mind, to guide practice and promote the work. With the help of science and technology, rapid social development is the general trend. If the time train forward, must leave behind the pace of the elderly, then such a development is bound to lack of quality and temperature. According to the Qianjiang Evening News, xiao Liu, a 23-year-old employee, is a veteran foodie. He is tall and strong, 185cm tall, weighing 190 jin. In addition to three meals a day, he also promised afternoon tea and midnight snacks. He ate five meals a day without limit. However, a recent medical examination revealed that he had developed osteoporosis at a young age and that eating too much and moving too little was a major cause of his obesity. Hidden danger is buried early actually, time is long, health is overdrawn. In some short videos, the gluttons, the gluttons, the gluttons, the gluttons, the gluttons, the gluttons. That is for traffic for click rate for money, have to eat, forced themselves to eat.

       On the scene, Zhejiang Branch of China Construction Bank donated 1 million yuan to help 26 counties accelerate the construction of children's homes. The Provincial Charity Federation, the Provincial Youth Development Foundation, the provincial Women and Children's Fund, and the provincial Disabled Persons' Welfare Foundation have also jointly established the "Children's Companion Travel -- Helping Children's Home Public Welfare Alliance". In midsummer, walking along the Banks of the Big Chen River in Suxi Town, Yiwu, the fresh air and rippling water make people feel comfortable. Who would have thought that the current used to be a "polluted river". This change is inseparable from the construction of "zero direct discharge of sewage" in the local area. Sewage no longer flows into the river, and the Dachenjiang river has regained its clear appearance. The key to water control is to treat the root causes of water pollution. Since 2018, the province has launched the construction of "zero sewage direct discharge zone", and so far it has completed the construction of more than 300 industrial parks. In July this year, the construction of the zero-discharge sewage zone was upgraded. According to the Implementation Plan of Zhejiang Province for comprehensively Promoting the Construction of "Zero Sewage Direct Discharge Zone" in Industrial Park (Industrial Agglomeration Area) (2020-2022), by the end of 2022, the construction of "zero sewage Direct discharge Zone" will be completed in key parks of the province. Why did "three links and one reach" choose to cluster back at this time? In addition to the hard to give up the motherland, what is driving them home pace? From the "hometown of express delivery people" 10 years ago to the "hometown of express delivery industry" now, how is the progress of tonglu's new goal? Looking back over the past 20 years, for the tonglu people, they have been walking a road of "going out". From the earliest Zhongshan Township to nearby Fenshui town and Hengcun Town, more and more Tonglu people are engaged in the express delivery industry. Thanks to the rapid rise of the Internet and e-commerce industry, they have gradually gained a firm foothold in the national express delivery market as well as their own positions in the international market.

      Prices of eight categories of goods and services & LDQuo; Four up and four down. Prices of food, tobacco and alcohol rose by 7.6%, those of education, culture and entertainment by 3.9%, those of medical care by 11.5%, those of other goods and services by 8.4%, those of clothing by 0.1%, those of housing by 0.6%, those of daily necessities by 0.2%, and those of transportation and communications by 4.5%. In the first half of the year, the city's producer price dropped by 0.4% year-on-year and the purchase price dropped by 1.5% year-on-year. In June, producer prices fell 1.7 percent year-on-year and rose 0.1 percent month-on-month. The purchase price dropped 3.1% year on year and rose 1.5% month-on-month.   On the growth in first-half results, NISsin Foods said that after the COVID-19 outbreak, Curtilage economy & throughout; Let the demand for high-quality ready-to-eat noodles rise. Uni-president also said in the announcement, In the first half of the year, the instant noodles industry has played a good emergency role in responding to global health emergencies. Its safe and delicious food has given consumers a new understanding of instant noodles, and the industry has grown significantly. Throughout the &; & other; The epidemic has led to a large number of restaurants unable to open, so many people choose convenient food, in addition to home to reduce the number of people at home to prepare some instant noodles to solve the problem of eating. Throughout the &; White Elephant food related person in charge analysis, although some restaurants opened after normal work, but people still have some concerns about dining in restaurants, and even ordering takeout, so in the office with convenient food replacement situation is more. 

       Let's leave aside for a moment the causes of "friend circle name-calling". Even if li who "curses in the circle of friends" is "justified first", then "cursing in the circle of friends" is also illegal. We are a society under the rule of law. The bottom line of a society under the rule of law is this: be reasonable, speak well, and handle matters in accordance with the law. Here, "doing things according to law" requires all people to observe the legal order and social order. Even if there are thousands of reasons, even if there are thousands of reasons, the bottom line of "doing things according to law" must be upheld. Therefore, li, who "cursed in the circle of friends", was ordered by the court to "apologize in the circle of friends for 10 days", which is a kind of social orientation and rule of law orientation. Selenium-rich brands have become popular, making villages look more beautiful and rural tourism more popular. In July 2019, a tourism cooperative was set up in Tantou Village, with more than 160 villagers buying shares. Many tourists come to pick selenium-rich fruits and vegetables, taste selenium-rich farmers' dishes and experience rural b&Bs. & other; The village has also set up a specialty supermarket, specializing in the sale of villagers processing produced selenium-rich characteristics of agricultural products. Zishan hemp cakes made by the villagers themselves are often sold out. Throughout the &; Xiao Guihua said, The tourism cooperative established in half a year, the turnover of more than 800,000 yuan. In the first few months, thousands of visitors came every day. The village Ancestral hall of Liu began a selenium-rich banquet, 70 or 80 tables open at the same time, often a table difficult to find! Throughout the &; & have spent & have spent According to the media investigation, the garbage classification in some residential areas is not in place and not standardized. When the dustmen are in the area, the residents will release the garbage in a standardized way and throw it randomly without supervision. According to the requirements of kitchen waste before putting into the bag, dirty bags into other trash cans, but some people are accustomed to the smell of dirty to throw away. & have spent & have spent The classification of garbage seems to be a problem of living habits, but it is actually caused by the awareness of laws and regulations. In Japan, garbage sorting is not a thing at all, but a fixed way of doing things. For example, people usually carry plastic bags in their bags, leftover fruit seeds and used tissues etc. on the way home, and then put them into different categories according to the specified time and place. It is reported that the Japanese are not so conscious at the beginning, a few decades ago did not have too much awareness of classification, but since the enactment of the relevant laws and regulations, people put garbage is strictly limited, one is not to mix all kinds of garbage, before putting carefully divided into categories; Second, garbage can not be put anywhere at any time, at what time of the week, put what garbage is very clear, can not make mistakes, or your garbage can not be thrown out. If you put in the garbage classification is not qualified, or there are other violations, under normal circumstances it is difficult to muddlethrough, the consequences will be very serious, in addition to a huge fine, will also leave a stain on the personal credit, affect the future life. 

           Returning home is only the first step for the "three links and one arrival" and Tonglu. What kind of story will happen here, and what kind of legend will be deduced, we will continue to watch. The joint return of "three links and one reach" to Tonglu is an opportunity for the development of "clear wind relying on force", which not only provides an anchor point for the development center of Tonglu, but also serves as a propeller for the "two in and one out" strategy of Zhejiang and even the whole country. First, the return could provide a source of innovation. As a strong province of digital economy, Zhejiang is the forefront of reform and innovation, as well as the source and leading area of express delivery innovation and development. If the "high growth" of the express delivery industry in the first 10 years was focused on the increase of market demand, then the growth in the next 10 years is mainly focused on the "infinite possibilities" derived from express delivery technology. Many of the major projects of the return of "three links and one Reach" are scientific research centers and research and development bases, which will provide an inexhaustible driving force for promoting the innovative development of express logistics in the province. "It's a very frustrating industry and liking it is not enough to do the job." Qingxi said, take e-sports data analysts as an example, the need is statistics, mathematics, computer and other professional background, the fresh graduates in the industry in at least half a year to do the basic work, such as in the assistance of others to analyze a player within two months behavior habits. "Daily work is doing research and writing reports every day, one report maybe just to solve an uncertain problem." According to Qingxi, a degree is only one of the criteria to judge a job applicant's learning ability. "Some applicants have a high degree and a good school, which indicates that they have the ability to deal with the rules of exam-oriented education and sufficient learning ability; "Some applicants have junior college degrees, but they have a high level of gaming skills, a good heart and no problem communicating, both of which are likely to be hired."

       Today, there are a total of 13 large-scale yellow croaker breeding enterprises in the sea area of Dachen, forming a small industrial cluster, with an annual output of 6,292 tons of high-quality yellow croaker, with an output value of more than 500 million yuan, accounting for more than half of the province's output and output value. Featuring green, ecological and organic yellow croaker, it has become a national geographic symbol brand with its top quality, and has been appraised as the national famous, special and excellent new agricultural products. It is synonymous with high-quality yellow croaker. Big Chen croaker raises the innovation of industry to explore, put out again recently "big move". Twelve nautical miles southeast of Dachen Island, a far-reaching mariculture project with a sea area of 3,000 mu and a first-phase investment of 200 million yuan has been approved by the sea area and construction is about to start. This project can not only solve the problem of yellow croaker wintering completely by using the temperature difference of water layer, but also build the lifting platform that can resist super typhoon. In the typhoon day, the platform can dive to the deeper water below 10 meters like a submarine. After the project is put into operation, the yellow croaker will swim from the bay to the sea and the deep sea, and the total output will exceed 10,000 tons.  The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs issued the Opinions on Accelerating the Mechanization of Animal Husbandry and the Opinions on Accelerating the Mechanization of Facility Planting. Data show that 77,000 sets of livestock machinery were purchased with subsidies, a doubling of the previous year. We carried out subsidies for greenhouses on a trial basis in 13 provinces to support the production and supply of vegetables during the epidemic prevention and control period. The Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Affairs and the Ministry of Finance have included seven types of characteristic hilly and mountainous products, including tea color sorting machine, tea conveyor, tea flattening machine, fruit tree trimmer, edible fungus bottling (bag) machine, orchard rail transport machine and straw collector, into the scope of national subsidies to support the development of agricultural mechanization in poor areas.  

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